P&O Ferries sackings disregard for workers’ rights P&O Ferries大规模解雇 无视工人权利

英国渡轮「P&O Ferries」母公司「DP World」自诩为关注社会和企业责任的进取企业,支持劳工权利。惟P&O Ferries近日无理解雇800名海员,母公司备受质疑。

DP World sells itself as a progressive business concerned with social and corporate responsibility that supports labour rights. The company now has serious questions to answer following the ruthless sacking of 800 seafarers at its subsidiary P&O Ferries.


3月17日,P&O Ferries 解雇了800名英国海员,并只在提前30分钟,以预先录制的Zoom短片通知受解雇员工。该公司在没有与员工或其工会进行任何协商的情况下作出这一决定。

On March 17, P&O Ferries fired 800 British-based seafarers with 30 minutes notice over a pre-recorded Zoom call. The company made the decision without any consultation with its workforce or their unions.

国际运输工人联盟(ITF)和欧洲运输工人联盟(ETF)呼吁DP World与工会RMT和Nautilus International就P&O Ferries事件展开有意义的对话。The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) and European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) are calling on DP World to engage in meaningful dialogue with affiliates RMT and Nautilus International about P&O Ferries’ future.

ITF主席兼ITF码头工人分部主席Paddy Crumlin指出,DP World 解雇800名辛勤工作的海员是一个无情的决定,犹如残酷地打击他们的尊严;而且做法违法,亦未达其公司标准。

“DP World’s callous decision to sack 800 hard-working seafarers represents a brutal attack on their dignity,” said Paddy Crumlin, President of the ITF and Chair of ITF’s Dockers’ Section. “In doing so, they’re breaching laws and failing to meet their own company’s standards.”

ETF主席Frank Moreels亦指该公司利用没有工会代表的劳动力取代被解雇工人,构成侵犯工人结社自由的基本权利。

Further, ETF President Frank Moreels pointed out that the use of non-union replacement labour amounts to a fundamental breach of workers’ rights to freedom of association.


“Their plan to outsource the jobs is in tatters. Reports are coming in across Europe that their original strategy was to replace the sacked workers with Russian and Ukrainian seafarers,” said Moreels.

透过视像会议被解雇时,P&O Ferries对员工说这是一个「艰难」的决定,但如未能如此推行变革,生意将「不可行」。

In the Zoom sacking, P&O Ferriestold workers this was a “tough” decision, but it would “not be a viable business” without the changes.

但事实上,持有P&O Ferries的DP World在疫情期间,收入和利润均创新高。去年其收入和利润分别超过108亿美元和12亿美元,与对上一年比较,利润增长达 33%。仅在过去两年中,该公司就向股东发放3.761亿美元的股息。

In fact, P&O Ferries’ owner DP World has made record revenue and profits throughout the pandemic, turning over $10.8bn in revenue and $1.2bn in profit last year, a 33% increase in profit compared with the previous year. The company has paid out $376.1 million in dividends to shareholders over the past two years alone.

ITF主席Paddy Crumlin明确表示,为了800名失业工人的利益,他们已准备好并愿意促进公司与工会之间的对话,但一旦需要以行动捍卫这些工人的工作,他们亦已同时准备随时发动集体行动。

ITF President Paddy Crumlin made it clear that: “In the interest of the 800 workers who have lost their jobs, we are ready and willing to facilitate dialogue between the company and the unions, but we also stand ready to provide meaningful solidarity across DP World’s global operations if need be to defend these workers’ jobs.”

「P&O Ferries违反法律,必须受到惩罚。」Nautilus International秘书长Mark Dickinson说。他在声明中提到,英国法律规定任何雇主有义务在解雇100 名或以上员工前90天或更短的时间内,以书面形式通知船旗国他们有关终止该批员工雇佣合同的决定,并在第一批员工解雇生效前至少45 天。如果裁员人数为 20 人或更多(但少于 100 人),通知期则为30天。“P&O Ferries broke the law and must be penalized.”saidMark Dickinson, General secretary ofNautilus International. In the statement, he mentioned that UK lawplaces a duty on any employer proposing to dismiss as redundant 100 or more employees at one establishment within a period of 90 days or less to notify the flag state, in writing, of their proposal before giving notice to terminate an employee’s contract of employment in respect of any of those dismissals, and at least 45 days before the first of those dismissals takes effect. If the redundancies number 20 or more employees (but less than 100), the notice period is 30 days.

在2020 年,P&O Ferries完全依法宣布和完成咨询,裁减整个业务1,100人。但2022年,该公司行政总裁 Hebblethwaite却在致政府的信中坦诚承认,该公司只在裁员当日,即2022年3月17日通知「相关部门」。

In 2020, P&O Ferries fully complied with the law in announcing and consulting on 1,100 redundancies across the business. In 2022, Mr Hebblethwaite, P&O chief executive, has freely admitted in his letter to the Government that notification was made to the “relevant authorities” on 17 March 2022.

Nautilus International希望政府向违法者采取一切可行行动,不要让他们以为可以用钱收买人人噤若寒蝉,胁迫海员失去工作或接受较低的工资,或要胁他们接受有害和不安全的工作条款和细则。

Nautilus International expects the government to take all possible action against these law breakers, who think they can buy silence and bully seafarers into unemployment or accepting lower wages and detrimental and unsafe terms and conditions of employment.




中心開放時間變動 Change of Centre Opening Hour

由於疫情關係,本中心開放時間將有所更改。由 2022 年 3 月 21 日起,本中心

In view of the development of the COVID-19 epidemic situation, Centre new
opening hour will be 11:00 a.m. to 05:00p.m. on Monday to Saturday from 21th
March 2022. The arrangements will be implemented until further notice.
Stay strong, stay healthy, stay connected.


2021年6月15下午,SCO SHANGHAI停靠香港葵涌貨櫃碼頭,香港國際海員服務中心義工團隊應王船長邀請登上貨輪,轉交代購的生活用品,贈送中心紀念品、宣傳單張等,同時向船員們送去海員同行的關心與問候。

SCO SHANGHAI商船注冊地在馬紹爾群島,係屬方便旗,主要往返于香港、台灣地區,船員主要來自中國與越南。


王船長亦對義工團隊的到訪表示熱烈歡迎,他盛情邀請大家登船參觀交流。交流中,王船長表示,當下台灣地區疫情很嚴重,他已經注射完新冠疫苗,但部分船員尚未完成疫苗注射,因此大家特別注意衛生防護。同時,“SCO SHANGHAI”商船7天左右停靠香港一次,台灣主要停靠台北與基隆港,航程緊密,船員們非常疲憊。中心的到訪令他們感到自己沒有被遺忘,很高興見到香港的海員同行,衷心感謝香港國際海員服務中心為船員們代購生活用品並贈送紀念品。


中心探访Grand Asano船员

中心探访Grand Asano 船员

2021年6月15日,应船员请求,香港国际海员服务中心工作人员探访了停泊于半山石錨地的Grand Asano杂货船。


Grand Asano杂货船系本港注册船舶,往返于日本与香港之间的航线,主要运送水泥等物资,船员来自缅甸。




再次為TS Yokohama船員代購日常用品 Purchasing daily necessities for TS Yokohama crew

2021年4月24日,中心義工收到TS Yokohama的邀請及委託,為該船船員購買一些日常用品並且上船參觀。船員表示此船航線非常繁忙,兩星期要停靠十數個碼頭,平均每0.8天就靠離碼頭一次。船長很親切地邀請我們到駕駛台參觀,他說這個航線船員們都非常累,現時不能下地心情更是壓抑,所以非常歡迎我們上船跟他們聊天。


On 24th April 2021, we received a request from TS Yokohama to purchase some daily necessities for the crew and to make a ship visit. Crews said they are very busy for berthing and unberthing and have to call lots of ports within just two weeks, with an average of 0.8 days for a next port. The captain of the ship kindly invited us to visit the bridge. He mentioned that the crews feel tired and depressed as they are not allowed to have shore leave, therefore they are pleased and welcome us to have a ship visit.

If ship’s crews are interested, please feel free to contact us after the arrival of Hong Kong port. We can arrange for an onboard visit and send the purchased items to the crew.








海員應優先接種疫苗 Seafarers need priority COVID-19 vaccination











海事訓練學院導師到訪”M.V. BELAWAN” Instructor of The Maritime Services Training Institute visited “M.V. BELAWAN”

2021年3月21日上午,海事訓練學院導師黃秋明先生與本中心義工抵達葵涌3號貨櫃碼頭,登上M.V. BELAWAN探望該船船員以及了解香港海員陳建東船上的近況。




On March 21, 2021 morning, Mr. Benny Wong, the instructor of the Maritime Service Training Institute, together with the volunteers of HKISSC arrived at the Kwai Chung Container Terminal 3 and boarded M.V. BELAWAN. They have sent their greetings to the ship’s crew, especially to the Hong Kong seafarer Chan Kin Tung.

Volunteers and Mr. Benny Wong, had a brief exchange with the captain and chief engineer of M.V. BELAWAN about the situation of the seafarers. After that, Chan Kin Tung invited instructor to visit the wheelhouse of the ship and had a brief introduction about the equipment.

He said it was an honor for the instructor of the Maritime Service Training Institute to visit the ship and he happily shared his work and life onboard the ship to his instructor.

Instructor Benny Wong expressed that it is good for students can apply what they have learnt in school and he also encouraged student to work hard. He also said that the equipment on the vessel are much advanced nowadays and the living environment onboard has improved a lot. He hopes to share what he has seen here with other students who study maritime studies, so that they can have a better understanding of the job nature and living on board the ship.


疫情期間為”TS Yokohama”船員代購食物及電話卡 Purchase food and SIM cards for “TS Yokohama” crews under epidemic

TS Yokohama於3月12日下午停泊香港葵涌8號貨櫃碼頭,期間本中心收到此船的船員委託,為他們代購食物及電話卡。

中心義工於傍晚到達船旁,TS Yokohama船員熱烈歡迎中心義工並邀請義工上船參觀。船員表示疫情之下船員都未能安排上岸,甚至有數個船員由上船開始至今超過半年都未曾踏足陸地。他們表示公司現已要求所有新上船船員上船前都必須接種疫苗,寄望可於不久將來安排已注射疫苗的船員上岸,以解開他們鬱悶的情緒。船員亦表示疫情之下中心能為他們提供代購服務非常難得。


TS Yokohama berthed at Berth8 of Kwai Chung Container Terminal on 12th March 2021 afternoon. HKISSC received the request from the ship’s crew to buy food and sim cards for them.

Crews from TS Yokohama welcomed our volunteers warmly and invited them to go onboard the ship when our volunteers arrived at the ship in the evening. Crew said they could not take shore leave during the epidemic and some of crew members have not set foot on land for more than half a year since they went onboard the vessel. They said that the company has now required all new join crew members to be vaccinated before boarding any vessel and they hope that crews who have been vaccinated are allowed go ashore soon, so as to relieve their stress. They also said it is very rare to see an organization can provide them purchasing services during the epidemic.

If ship’s crews are interested, please feel free to contact us after arrival of Hong Kong port. We can arrange for onboard visit and send the purchased items to the crew.

疫情之下香港海員換班 Crew change under epidemic in Hong Kong


香港海員陳建東受疫情影響,自去年年初開始休假後一直未能再上船繼續工作,近日透過工會的幫助下,在3月6日於香港葵涌貨櫃碼頭登上MV Belawan繼續其航海實習生生活。

It is quite difficult for the seafarers to sign on/off all over the world since the COVID-19 outbreak, as well as the Hong Kong’s seafarers.

Due to the epidemic, Hong Kong seafarer Chan Kin Tung has been unable to continue his cadetship after he took vacation at the beginning of last year. With the help of AUS-HK, he finally can go onboard MV Belawan at the Hong Kong Kwai Chung Container Terminal and continue to work as a deck cadet on 6th March.


Volunteers of HKISSC and seafarer Chan Kin Tung, photo taken on 6th March 2021.


Volunteers of AUS-HK and HKISSC also exchange greetings with Capt. Zhu of Belawan.

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