爭取權利:棄船個案破紀錄之年ITF檢查員成海員最強後盾/Fighting for rights: ITF inspectors stand strong for seafarers in record-breaking year of shame

Fighting for rights: ITF inspectors stand strong for seafarers in
record-breaking year of shame

2023 was the worst year ever seen for seafarer abandonment – and ITF inspectors recovered nearly US$60 million in unpaid wages.
2023年,ITF全球檢查員網路成功為遭拖欠工資的海員追回57,161,779 美元(折約445,861,876港元),金額之高令人震驚。同時,ITF亦錄得有史以來最高的遺棄船舶數字(共129 艘)和遭遺棄的海員(共1,983 名)。
The ITF’s global network of inspectors recovered a shocking US$57,161,779 in unpaid wages for seafarers in 2023, as the ITF also recorded the highest level it has ever seen of abandoned vessels (129) and abandoned seafarers (1,983).
The inspectors completed a total of 9,530 ship inspections and worked on 1,188 cases – instances where an inspector assisted a seafarer without boarding a vessel – during the year, spanning every region of the world.
負責協調ITF 檢查員的Steve Trowsdale 表示:「案件數量和欠薪金額令人擔憂,但我們對世界各地的檢查員每天所做的工作感到非常自豪。他們為海員提供緊急服務,隨時準備盡其所能維護海員權利,並追究船東剝削海員的責任。
ITF Inspectorate Coordinator Steve Trowsdale said: “The number of cases and amount of backpay is worrying, but we couldn’t be prouder of the work undertaken by our inspectors every day, all around the world. They’re an emergency service for seafarers, always ready to do what they can to stand up for seafarers’ rights and hold exploitative shipowners to account.
“But the sad reality is that the increasing amount of work our inspectors are doing demonstrates just how much workers’ rights are under attack on ships right now.”
ITF超過 125 名檢查員組成的全球網路分佈在全球 55 個國家的 110 多個港口。檢查員(其中許多人曾是海員或碼頭工人)負責監管沒有集體談判協定的船舶,並在持有集體談判協定的船舶上,確保有執行相關協定,這些協定覆蓋了在方便旗船上工作的超過357,000 名海員。
The ITF has a global network of more than 125 inspectors, based in over 110 ports in 55 countries worldwide. Inspectors, many of whom are former seafarers or dockers, police ships that have no collective bargaining agreement and enforce the agreements on ships that do, with those agreements covering more than 357,000 seafarers working aboard flag of convenience vessels.
Inspectors are trained to look for exploitation, overwork, and signs of forced labour and modern slavery. On many vessels, they have the right to examine wage accounts, employment contracts, and to review recorded hours of work and rest.
特羅斯代爾表示:「追回拖欠工資超過 5710 萬美元的重要性不容低估,特別是當這麼多海員是他們家庭的經濟支柱。」
“The significance of clawing back more than US$57.1 million in owed wages can’t be understated, especially when so many seafarers are the breadwinners for their families back home,” said Trowsdale.
「我們的檢查員每天都在發出這樣的資訊:ITF 及其附屬工會絕不會放過任何侵犯海員權利的行為,讓它們瞞天過海。」
“Our inspectors are out there every day sending the message that the ITF and its affiliated unions will never let abuses of seafarers’ rights go unchecked.”
Under the International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) definition of abandonment, a seafarer can be classed as ‘abandoned’ when they are unpaid for two months.
Any non-payment of wages should be seen as a potential sign that a shipowner could be about to cut its crew loose.


资料来源: https://www.itfseafarers.org/en/news/fighting-rights-itf-inspectors-stand-strong-seafarers-record-breaking-year-shame

海上圣诞节-船员慰问活动拉开帷幕 “Christmas Celebration at the Sea Campaign” kick off


“Christmas Celebration at the Sea Campaign” kick off


2022年圣诞节来临之际,香港国际海员服务中心组织的” 海上圣诞节” 船员慰问活动于12月4日正式拉开帷幕。

As Christmas is approaching, the “Christmas Celebration at the Sea Campaign” organized by the Hong Kong International Seafarer Services Centre (HKISSC) is officially kicked off on 4th December 2022.

当日,中心工作团队前往4号码头探访了 “M.V. Ever Center”商船,为船员送去T恤衫、巧克力、腰果等福利礼包。“Ever Center”商船悬挂巴拿马旗,主要往返于泰国、中国上海、香港、台湾等国家和地区,船上共有23名海员,主要来自中国内地、香港及菲律宾。

On that day, the team of HKISSC visited m.v. EVER CENTER at Terminal 4 of Kwai Tsing Container Terminals. Welfare packs including T-shirts, chocolates, nuts and other are presented to the representatives of the crew. Panamanian flagged m.v. Ever Center mainly travels between Thailand, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions. There are 23 seafarers on board, mainly from mainland China, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

12月5日,中心工作团队前往9号青衣码头探访了 “Maersk Sydney”商船,向船员赠送了圣诞礼品。

On the next day, the team headed to terminal 9 of Tsing Yi Container Terminals visited m.v MAERSK SYDNEY, Christmas welfare packs were handed to representative of the crew.

“Maersk Sydney”系ANGLO-EASTERN旗下的集装箱商船,悬挂新加坡旗,主要往返于越南胡志明市、新加坡及中国香港等国家和地区,船上共有23名海员,主要来自印度、新加坡等地。

Singaporean flagged m.v. MAERSK SYDNEY is owned by ANGLO-EASTERN, flying the Singapore flag, mainly traveling between Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and other countries and regions. There are 23 seafarers on board, mainly come from India and Singapore.


2月6日,中心工作团队与Pacific Basin公司船员部负责人一同前往南丫南锚地探访了“North Island”散货船。

On 6th December, the team of HKISSC and the representative from crew department of Pacific Basin went to Lamma South Anchorage to visit bulk carrier NORTH ISLAND.

“North Island“系Pacific Basin旗下的散装船,悬挂中国香港旗,主要往返于中国香港、防城、厦门等地,船上共有20名船员,主要来自印度等地。

The Hong Kong flagged NORTH ISLAND is a bulk carrier owned by Pacific Basin. It mainly travels to and from Hong Kong, Fangcheng, Xiamen and others. There are 20 crew members onboard, mainly are Indian.



On that day, the wind was strong and waves were high. The service boat tried to get near the vessel but failed. The team managed to hang the welfare packs on rope to the vessel finally, as to extend the warmest regards to crew members.

12月9日,中心工作团队前往4号码头探访了“OOCL New Zealand”商船,向船员赠送了圣诞慰问礼包。

On 9th December, the team from HKISSC headed to Terminal 4 of Kwai Tsing Container Terminals again to visit m.v. OOCL NEW ZEALAND, and sent Christmas welfare packs to crew members.

“OOCL New Zealand”商船悬挂中国香港旗,主要往返于日本东京、中国香港、台湾省高雄市及印尼的雅加达等国家和地区,船上共有27名船员,主要来自中国与菲律宾。

Flying with Hong Kong flag, m.v. OOCL NEW ZEALAND mainly travels between Tokyo of Japan, Hong Kong of China, Kaohsiung City of Taiwan and Jakarta of Indonesia. There are 27 crew members onboard, mainly from China and the Philippines.


According to the preventive measures of Hong Kong, the team handed over the Christmas welfare packs to the representative of the crew beside the docked vessel. The crew representatives expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the condolence and caring of Hong Kong seafarers.

此次开展的“ 海上圣诞节” 船员慰问活动将持续至12月24日,欢迎各船公司与广大海员积极参与,如有需要请联系中心工作人员。

The “Christmas Celebration at the Sea Campaign” will last until 24th December. All shipping companies and seafarers are welcome to actively participate, please feel free to contact the HKISSC for any enquiries.


2021年6月15下午,SCO SHANGHAI停靠香港葵涌貨櫃碼頭,香港國際海員服務中心義工團隊應王船長邀請登上貨輪,轉交代購的生活用品,贈送中心紀念品、宣傳單張等,同時向船員們送去海員同行的關心與問候。

SCO SHANGHAI商船注冊地在馬紹爾群島,係屬方便旗,主要往返于香港、台灣地區,船員主要來自中國與越南。


王船長亦對義工團隊的到訪表示熱烈歡迎,他盛情邀請大家登船參觀交流。交流中,王船長表示,當下台灣地區疫情很嚴重,他已經注射完新冠疫苗,但部分船員尚未完成疫苗注射,因此大家特別注意衛生防護。同時,“SCO SHANGHAI”商船7天左右停靠香港一次,台灣主要停靠台北與基隆港,航程緊密,船員們非常疲憊。中心的到訪令他們感到自己沒有被遺忘,很高興見到香港的海員同行,衷心感謝香港國際海員服務中心為船員們代購生活用品並贈送紀念品。


再次為TS Yokohama船員代購日常用品 Purchasing daily necessities for TS Yokohama crew

2021年4月24日,中心義工收到TS Yokohama的邀請及委託,為該船船員購買一些日常用品並且上船參觀。船員表示此船航線非常繁忙,兩星期要停靠十數個碼頭,平均每0.8天就靠離碼頭一次。船長很親切地邀請我們到駕駛台參觀,他說這個航線船員們都非常累,現時不能下地心情更是壓抑,所以非常歡迎我們上船跟他們聊天。


On 24th April 2021, we received a request from TS Yokohama to purchase some daily necessities for the crew and to make a ship visit. Crews said they are very busy for berthing and unberthing and have to call lots of ports within just two weeks, with an average of 0.8 days for a next port. The captain of the ship kindly invited us to visit the bridge. He mentioned that the crews feel tired and depressed as they are not allowed to have shore leave, therefore they are pleased and welcome us to have a ship visit.

If ship’s crews are interested, please feel free to contact us after the arrival of Hong Kong port. We can arrange for an onboard visit and send the purchased items to the crew.

海事訓練學院導師到訪”M.V. BELAWAN” Instructor of The Maritime Services Training Institute visited “M.V. BELAWAN”

2021年3月21日上午,海事訓練學院導師黃秋明先生與本中心義工抵達葵涌3號貨櫃碼頭,登上M.V. BELAWAN探望該船船員以及了解香港海員陳建東船上的近況。




On March 21, 2021 morning, Mr. Benny Wong, the instructor of the Maritime Service Training Institute, together with the volunteers of HKISSC arrived at the Kwai Chung Container Terminal 3 and boarded M.V. BELAWAN. They have sent their greetings to the ship’s crew, especially to the Hong Kong seafarer Chan Kin Tung.

Volunteers and Mr. Benny Wong, had a brief exchange with the captain and chief engineer of M.V. BELAWAN about the situation of the seafarers. After that, Chan Kin Tung invited instructor to visit the wheelhouse of the ship and had a brief introduction about the equipment.

He said it was an honor for the instructor of the Maritime Service Training Institute to visit the ship and he happily shared his work and life onboard the ship to his instructor.

Instructor Benny Wong expressed that it is good for students can apply what they have learnt in school and he also encouraged student to work hard. He also said that the equipment on the vessel are much advanced nowadays and the living environment onboard has improved a lot. He hopes to share what he has seen here with other students who study maritime studies, so that they can have a better understanding of the job nature and living on board the ship.


疫情期間為”TS Yokohama”船員代購食物及電話卡 Purchase food and SIM cards for “TS Yokohama” crews under epidemic

TS Yokohama於3月12日下午停泊香港葵涌8號貨櫃碼頭,期間本中心收到此船的船員委託,為他們代購食物及電話卡。

中心義工於傍晚到達船旁,TS Yokohama船員熱烈歡迎中心義工並邀請義工上船參觀。船員表示疫情之下船員都未能安排上岸,甚至有數個船員由上船開始至今超過半年都未曾踏足陸地。他們表示公司現已要求所有新上船船員上船前都必須接種疫苗,寄望可於不久將來安排已注射疫苗的船員上岸,以解開他們鬱悶的情緒。船員亦表示疫情之下中心能為他們提供代購服務非常難得。


TS Yokohama berthed at Berth8 of Kwai Chung Container Terminal on 12th March 2021 afternoon. HKISSC received the request from the ship’s crew to buy food and sim cards for them.

Crews from TS Yokohama welcomed our volunteers warmly and invited them to go onboard the ship when our volunteers arrived at the ship in the evening. Crew said they could not take shore leave during the epidemic and some of crew members have not set foot on land for more than half a year since they went onboard the vessel. They said that the company has now required all new join crew members to be vaccinated before boarding any vessel and they hope that crews who have been vaccinated are allowed go ashore soon, so as to relieve their stress. They also said it is very rare to see an organization can provide them purchasing services during the epidemic.

If ship’s crews are interested, please feel free to contact us after arrival of Hong Kong port. We can arrange for onboard visit and send the purchased items to the crew.

疫情之下香港海員換班 Crew change under epidemic in Hong Kong


香港海員陳建東受疫情影響,自去年年初開始休假後一直未能再上船繼續工作,近日透過工會的幫助下,在3月6日於香港葵涌貨櫃碼頭登上MV Belawan繼續其航海實習生生活。

It is quite difficult for the seafarers to sign on/off all over the world since the COVID-19 outbreak, as well as the Hong Kong’s seafarers.

Due to the epidemic, Hong Kong seafarer Chan Kin Tung has been unable to continue his cadetship after he took vacation at the beginning of last year. With the help of AUS-HK, he finally can go onboard MV Belawan at the Hong Kong Kwai Chung Container Terminal and continue to work as a deck cadet on 6th March.


Volunteers of HKISSC and seafarer Chan Kin Tung, photo taken on 6th March 2021.


Volunteers of AUS-HK and HKISSC also exchange greetings with Capt. Zhu of Belawan.

2019冠狀病毒病疫苗接種計劃 COVID-19 Vaccination Programme



  1. 科興「克爾來福」疫苗 – 採用滅活病毒技術平台 (已抵港)
  2. 復星醫藥/德國藥廠BioNTech「復必泰」疫苗 – 採用mRNA技術平台 (未抵港)
  3. 英國牛津大學與阿斯利康藥廠合作研發的疫苗 – 非複製性病毒載體疫苗 (未抵港)


  1. 60 歲或以上人士(陪同70歲或以上長者接種疫苗的人士可以獲得接種,最多兩人)
  2. 醫療服務場所工作人員及參與抗疫工作人員
  3. 安老院/殘疾人士院舍院友及員工
  4. 維持必要公共服務的人員
  5. 跨境運輸、口岸、港口工作人員



  1. 身分證明文件
  2. 優先接種組別證明(如適用;包括:僱員證、委任證、政府部門或其合約承辦商發出的身份證明信件、牌照、僱主信)
  3. 預約確認短訊或確認登記影印本






The Hong Kong Government now has plans about the COVID-19 vaccines injection for the public.

Total 3 kinds of COVID-19 vaccines are or will be available for injection:

  1. Sinovac CoronaVac vaccine – Inactivated virus technology platform (has arrived HK)
  2. Fosun Pharma in collaboration with the German drug manufacturer BioNTech (BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine) – mRNA technology platform (not arrived yet) 
  3. AstraZeneca, in collaboration with the University of Oxford – Non-replicating viral vector technology platform (not arrived yet) 

The Government decided to arrange priority vaccination for the five groups below:

  1. Persons aged 60 years or above (a maximum of two carers who accompany elderly people aged 70 or above can also receive vaccination);
  2. Personnel in healthcare settings and those participating in anti-epidemic related work;
  3. Residents and staff of residential care homes for the elderly / persons with disabilities;
  4. Personnel maintaining critical public services; and
  5. Personnel performing cross-boundary related work.

Seafarers belong to the fifth category among those who have priority in vaccination. Therefore, seafarers can make an online appointment for the jab.

Documents to bring for those go to Community Vaccination Centres for vaccination:

  1. identity document
  2. proof for priority group (if applicable; including staff card, warrant card, identity proof issued by Government departments and their service contractors, licence, employer’s letter)
  3. SMS message or photocopy of booking confirmation

Eligible people can also visit designated general outpatient clinics (GOPCs) of the Hospital Authority and designated private hospitals and clinics for the jab.

For details, please refer to the government website on the COVID-19 vaccination program.


The Hong Kong International Seaman Service Center hopes that all seafarers can enhance protection through vaccination and prepare for the recovery of the shipping industry.

We also remind all seafarers to continue wearing masks and washing hands frequently until the end of the epidemic.

到訪MV Pulau Tioman及為MV Belawan船員代購電話卡

中心義工團隊於2021年1月19日到訪MV Pulau Tioman,贈送船員防疫小禮包。並於同月22日應MV Belawan船員之要求,代購電話卡及食物。

Our team of volunteers visited MV Pulau Tioman and presented Anti-epidemic gift packs on 19th January 2021. As per the request from the crew of MV Belawan, we have bought sim cards and food for them on 22nd January 2021.


Our centre could buy daily necessities for the ship’s crew who berthed at Kwai Chung Container Terminal. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

贈送MV TS Yokohama船員防疫小禮包 Presented Anti-epidemic gift packs to MV TS Yokohama

中心義工團隊於2021年1月15日贈送MV TS Yokohama船員防疫小禮包。

Our team of volunteers presented Anti-epidemic gift packs to the seafarers of MV TS Yokohama on 15th January 2021.


Our centre could buy daily necessities for the ship’s crew who berthed at Kwai Chung Container Terminal. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

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