Happy Easter-海員慰問活動


2023年復活節即將來臨,一向與海員同心同行的香港國際海員服務中心(HKISSC),向堅守崗位的廣大海員致敬,將於3月15日至31日開展「Happy Easter -海員慰問活動」,為抵達香港的國際海員送上問候與福利大禮包。
















Happy Easter Celebration Campaign


To better serve seafarers and care for crew members’ quality of life at sea, Hong Kong International Seafarer Services Centre (HKISSC) is going to launch the “Happy Easter Celebration Campaign” during the period of March 15-31. Easter welfare packs should be given as gifts to seafarers arriving in Hong Kong.


HKISSC was established on 27th October, 2019. It has been acting as a service platform for seafarers by organizing onboard visits and buying necessities for them.


We genuinely hope to collaborate with shipping company in sending the warmest regards and welfare packs to seafarers who will be arriving in Hong Kong this March. We would be very grateful if you could:


  • provide vessel arrival details (i.e. list of vessels which will be arriving during 15th – 31st March), and
  • liaise with the crewing agency in applying for permits required (if any) for our vehicles and staff members entering container terminals.


Should you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact the following members of HKISSC:


Mr. Simon Ngai (mobile: 91291953)

Mr. Frank Sun (mobile: 95578581)


Looking forward to your reply. Thank you in advance for your generous support. 

Wishing all seafarers a blessed and memorable Easter with your family and friends.


Hong Kong International Seafarer Services Centre (HKISSC)


p.s. The visiting team generally will not board the ship but hand over the welfare packs beside the docked vessel.