今年的世界海事主題為“MARPOL 50—我們的承諾在繼續”,社會各界呼籲關注廣大海員為保護海洋環境所做的貢獻。


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17th May 2023
Dear seafaring brothers and sisters,

Salute to Seafarers #OceansWorthProtecting

To celebrate the “6.25 Day of the Seafarer” and “7.11 China National Maritime Day” this year, the Hong Kong International Seafarer Services Centre (HKISSC) would like to show our respect to all seafarers.

For 2023, the Day of Seafarer campaign will look at seafarers’ contribution to protecting the marine environment, in line with the World Maritime theme “MARPOL at 50 – Our commitment goes on”.

We thank all seafarers for their unique contributions to the world maritime trade and their hard work benefiting the global economy and human lives. The role that they play in protecting the marine environment is also appreciated.

Acting as a seafarer service platform established since 2019, the Hong Kong International Seafarer Services Centre (HKISSC) regularly carries out crew visits, providing free transportation and helps with purchasing necessities for seafarers visiting Hong Kong, with the support of the welfare fund contributed by shipping companies.

If you have the above service needs, please do not hesitate to contact our staff by email before your vessel arrives in Hong Kong.

Contact information:
Mr. Simon Ngai: 9129 1953, info@hkissc.com
Mr. Frank Sun: 9557 8581, info@hkissc.com

Wishing you a happy and safe journey.

Hong Kong International Seafarer Services Centre (HKISSC)