TS Yokohama於3月12日下午停泊香港葵涌8號貨櫃碼頭,期間本中心收到此船的船員委託,為他們代購食物及電話卡。

中心義工於傍晚到達船旁,TS Yokohama船員熱烈歡迎中心義工並邀請義工上船參觀。船員表示疫情之下船員都未能安排上岸,甚至有數個船員由上船開始至今超過半年都未曾踏足陸地。他們表示公司現已要求所有新上船船員上船前都必須接種疫苗,寄望可於不久將來安排已注射疫苗的船員上岸,以解開他們鬱悶的情緒。船員亦表示疫情之下中心能為他們提供代購服務非常難得。


TS Yokohama berthed at Berth8 of Kwai Chung Container Terminal on 12th March 2021 afternoon. HKISSC received the request from the ship’s crew to buy food and sim cards for them.

Crews from TS Yokohama welcomed our volunteers warmly and invited them to go onboard the ship when our volunteers arrived at the ship in the evening. Crew said they could not take shore leave during the epidemic and some of crew members have not set foot on land for more than half a year since they went onboard the vessel. They said that the company has now required all new join crew members to be vaccinated before boarding any vessel and they hope that crews who have been vaccinated are allowed go ashore soon, so as to relieve their stress. They also said it is very rare to see an organization can provide them purchasing services during the epidemic.

If ship’s crews are interested, please feel free to contact us after arrival of Hong Kong port. We can arrange for onboard visit and send the purchased items to the crew.